Why Relationships Matter More than the Brush or the Ladder

Freeland Painting values the relationships we build both with our customers and our community. We want to share our business philosophy and why we’re grateful to be a small business operating in the United States of America—the land of the free and home of Freeland Painting. We’re grateful for the strong relationships we’ve built with our customers and the Greater Atlanta community.

Our Mission

At Freeland Painting our mission is to perform high-quality painting of residential, multifamily, and commercial properties, both interior and exterior. We also offer custom roofing, siding, and gutter systems, plus light carpentry work, that improve the curb appeal and efficiency of a commercial building or residence.

By narrowing our focus to these distinct services we are able to offer extremely high-quality, competent service within a focused specialty. This is one of the keys to our high level of customer satisfaction.

Community Focus

In addition to providing these services, our ultimate goal is to lead Freeland Painting into an organization that helps strengthen our entire community. We do this by doing exactly what we say we will do, and when we will do it – which builds trust with customers. We have a strong focus on our employees, and maintain the family atmosphere of our business. Our Freeland Family includes Doug Ireland, the founder and CEO, along with his wife, Keri, and kids who often ride along with Doug to check up on the progress of job sites when school is out. In fact, Doug and Keri’s two youngest children—twins—celebrate their birthdays on July 4!

We also celebrate other milestones with employees, such as getting married or welcoming a new child into their family. Freeland Painting helps put food on the table for our employees and keep the Atlanta area’s economic prosperity going. We respect and appreciate employees’ contribution and commitment to our ongoing success. This underscores our company philosophy: Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.

Giving Back

We maintain a strong focus on charitable giving. We are involved with organizations that improve our community, including: Right to Hike, Kingdom Kids, Turn Around Coaching, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Boy Scouts of America, Amigos for Christ, North Gwinnett Arts Association, North Gwinnett Schools Foundation, and the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation.

Our customers can feel good about their decision to choose Freeland Painting because we are both beautifying their residential or business establishment with a fresh new coat of paint and also contributing to the betterment of our overall community through our charitable giving and involvement.

We’re proud to be a contributing member of the Greater Atlanta business community.

Call for a Free Estimate

And as always, if we can serve you by providing your home, business, or multi-family residence with a fresh new coat of paint, a new roof, gutters, or siding – call us today at 678.679.3126 to schedule a free estimate.

We look forward to building a solid relationship with you that we hope will last for years to come! 

What’s the best paint color to sell my house?

Planning to sell your house this year? Then you’re probably busy working through a checklist of things to do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, like this one from Realtor.com. In addition to cleaning, making small repairs, and decluttering, real-estate experts also advise you to consider the outside curb appeal of your home. One major wow factor of your home’s curb appeal is a fresh coat of paint in one of this year’s most popular, trending paint colors.

Need some help with that? That’s where Freeland Painting comes in! We help homeowners in the Greater Atlanta area beautify their homes inside and out with a fresh coat of paint. But what color should you paint the outside to attract today’s buyers?

The Cyclical Nature of Paint Color Trends

Doug Ireland, the founder and CEO of Freeland Painting, has been in the painting and renovation industry for 18 years professionally – 33 years if you include working for his dad while in his teens and twenties. With those years of experience comes a wealth of accumulated industry knowledge.

“Contemporary color choices tend to change from season to season. As with many things that are a matter of taste, popular colors tend to be cyclical,” Doug explained. “For example, just a few years ago, we saw color shades trending in a reverse pattern – meaning, houses had light-color siding and darker-color trim. We haven’t seen that trend since the late 1970s! But it came back.”

“And for those who were glad to see brass door handles and cabinet pulls go out of favor in the 1990s—Well, they’re back.”

Find the Right Color to Help Sell Your Home Fast

Doug shared his thoughts on the colors you should consider to get your home sold.

“Right now, the most popular, trending colors have undertones on the cooler side of the color scale, instead of the warmer side. And gray ― shades of gray and charcoal ― are very hot,” he explained. “The trend has evolved from beige to “greige” to simply gray. This particular color trend morphed very slowly over recent years.”

What is greige, you ask? Greige is simply a mix of gray and beige that results in a richer color. Greige works well in either a cool or warm color scheme. It’s one of the hardest-working colors in the realm!

But back to the best paint color for selling your house: Gray.

“Grays come in a wide array of shades, ranging from rosy or mauve shades, to greenish shades, and then to blue shades of gray,” Doug explained. “The cooler colors of gray that are now popular have a hint of blue in them, but they’re still gray.”

4 Specific House Color Recommendations

In the Sherwin Williams line-up of high-performance paint, Doug shared four recommended colors he recommends to homeowners who aren’t sure what color to paint their homes to sell. These colors would be ideal for either your home’s exterior or interior, appealing to a wide range of buyers.

Three of the four are cooler hues of gray that are most popular right now, but he also adds a fourth choice that’s a bit warmer in undertone:

  1. Mindful Gray (SW-7016) is an extremely popular color because of its neutrality.
  2. Gray Clouds (SW-7658) has cooler undertones than Mindful Gray, with just a hint of blue in it.
  3. Morning Fog (SW-6255) goes another step further toward a blue-gray, and is trending.
  4. Requisite Gray (SW-7023) is a warm gray that’s ideal for people who prefer grays on the warmer side of the scale. Its popularity is fading a bit, but it’s still a nice color.

3 Recommended Accent Colors

As for accent colors on doors and trim, which are trending darker both on the inside and outside of homes, Doug recommends:

  1. Black Fox (SW-7020)
  2. Enduring Bronze (SW-7055)
  3. Iron Ore (SW-7069)

And, if you have a brick home that could use a fresh coat of confidence, we offer a state-of-the-art treatment called Lime Wash that gives your brick home instant old-world charm.

At Freeland Painting, we’re here to help with all of your home’s external and internal painting needs. Helping you choose the right color is part of the service we provide. At Freeland Painting, relationships matter more than the brush and the ladder. That’s why we offer a free color consultation with each job.

Call us today at 678-679-3126 or email customerservice@freelandpainting.com to arrange a convenient time for our experts to provide a free estimate on painting your home. With a high-quality paint job by Freeland Painting, your house will impress every buyer who is lucky enough to see it!