How Often Should You Stain Your Deck?

One of the most common questions we get at Freeland Painting is just how often home, and business owners should stain their deck. It isn’t surprising because everyone wants to preserve the investment they’ve made in adding a custom patio or deck for their residence or pool.

All Decks Aren’t the Same!

While you might think that there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach to staining and protecting your deck, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are factors to consider when determining how often your outside decking needs to be stained and protected.

If you’ve used Clear or Semi-Transparent Stain to protect your deck, you should plan to reapply a new coat of protective stain once every two years for the maximum level of protection of your natural wood deck.

For decks stained with Semi-Solid or Solid Color Stains such as Redwood, Cedar, White Birch, Riverwood, Moss Olive, Mountain Ash, and Charwood, the average time between Stain Reapplication is around five years. These types of stains appear like paint on the surface of the wood and offer the protection of a stain as the paint soaks into the wood.

Get the Maximum Protection for Your Deck

When you are looking to get the best value for the investment in your deck, it is always worth keeping in mind that better stains are worth the cost. For instance, SW Superdeck Products offer dual protection. These high-quality deck stains work as a stain and weather protector against UV rays and water. Since this wood stain is resistant to both the sun and rain, you can expect that your deck will last and look more attractive for a longer time with limited maintenance.

If you need to protect an area such as dock, a pool deck, or anywhere else located somewhere with constant sunlight or exposure to water and the elements, Elastomeric products, like those offered by SW Deck & Dock provide even greater protection and a longer usable life.

Do You Need A Professional Opinion?

If the time has come for you to stain your deck and you’re unsure of what product is best for you, or you need help with the project, our Freeland Painting Specialists would love to help!

Simply give us a call at 678-679-3126 to get a Free, No-Obligation Estimate and Product Recommendation today!

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