Tips for Painting Over Oil-Based Paint

June 18, 2018


How many times have you heard the saying that “oil and water don’t mix?” While this is sometimes the truth, when it comes to applying a fresh coat of paint, this isn’t necessarily always the case. In some situations, latex paint can be used to cover a surface that initially used an oil-based paint. What […]

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Jim Pollock: Testimonial

We want to thank Jim Pollock: Business Owner/Homeowner for his kind words. We are honored because we know “Relationships Matter more than the Brush or the Ladder.” Jim: I became associated with Freeland Painting through meeting Doug. We got to know each other pretty well and I understood that he had a very professional organization. When […]

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The Secret To A Perfect Interior Paint Job

  When it comes to applying the perfect coat of paint on top of a surface that already has paint, many factors have to get considered. It isn’t always as easy as just grabbing your paintbrush and a can of paint. One of the most important rules to follow for a perfect painting project is […]

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Painting Tips and Ideas for 2017

With the Spring season approaching fast, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making improvements to both the interior and exterior of your home or business. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to lighten, brighten, and enhance your home or work environment. Get A Custom Color Consultation If you’re like a […]

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Why Use Flat Paint on Your Walls – Why Not Satin or Eggshell?

Many consumers who are embarking on a painting project in their home or office get confronted with making a decision on what type of paint they should use for best results. For most, personal preference plays a significant role when selecting the type of paint they want to apply to the interior of their home. […]

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