Meet Amanda Fulks: Freeland Painting’s Office Manager

At Freeland Painting, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder. Amanda Fulks, Freeland Painting’s Office Manager, lives and breathes that company core value every day!

When you call Freeland Painting to ask about our services — interior or exterior house painting services, commercial painting services, new gutters, gutter guards, roof repair or replacement, HardiePlank siding, or new window installation — Amanda is often your first point of contact. She answers the phone with her upbeat, positive attitude and will provide you with the information you seek.

The Freeland Painting staff is a close-knit group. When a team member celebrates a birthday or work anniversary, we acknowledge and celebrate it—as we did with Amy Stanitzke, Freeland Painting’s Relationship Liaison, and Jeremy Figuera, our Project Manager and Estimator.

Amanda is celebrating her second work anniversary with Freeland Painting! We asked her some questions so customers can get to know her a little bit better. Here’s what she shared:

What’s your favorite paint color?

I like blue-grays. My favorite is Network Gray from Sherwin Williams. We just moved into a new home, and I’m so happy that it has gray walls.

How did you find your job at Freeland Painting?

There’s a story about that! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies. In 2019, my husband and I moved to Atlanta from New York, looking for a better life for our family—we have three daughters. My job search for an office position was frustrating.

I belonged to the same Suwanee-area Moms Club as Keri Ireland, Doug Ireland’s wife and co-founder of Freeland Painting. When I mentioned my job search, she told me they were looking for an office manager. When I met Doug, I knew immediately that this was a great fit. It’s a family-owned business where we all care about each other and our customers.

It’s the best place I’ve ever worked — and I’ve worked in a lot of places!

What does Freeland Painting do with leftover paint?

There’s a lot of leftover paint in the painting and construction industry. Some companies throw it away, but that’s a problem for the environment. When paint goes into a landfill, it can leak into the soil, rivers, or waterways.

At Freeland Painting, we don’t throw paint away. We donate it. We recently donated more than 30 five-gallon buckets of paint to whoever needed it: local theatres, schools, and people in the community. Instead of clogging up a landfill, we made sure it went to good use.

What does your role at Freeland Painting entail?

As Office Manager, I wear a lot of hats. The easiest way to explain what I do is that it’s a combination of data input and managing the flow of activities. Right now, I’m documenting our various procedures, and looking into different aspects of the business to make sure they mesh together for an optimized workflow. I’m also involved with marketing outreach.

I talk with customers interested in residential interior or exterior painting services and schedule their in-person estimates and jobs. I work with Jack Kain, our Project Superintendent, on the residential side of our business. For commercial customers, I work with Jeremy Figuera, our Project Manager and Estimator.

Since Freeland Painting strives to be paper-free by digitizing all information, I input a lot of data about each job into our Customer Relationship Management database. I pay bills and invoices in QuickBooks and work with our accountant to make sure everything is organized and entered correctly. If we have unpaid invoices, I collect them.

I make sure we’re up-to-date with all business and governmental licenses, insurance policies, tax documents, and various certifications necessary so we can bid on government-funded jobs. I’m also OSHA certified and hold a Line Clearance Arborist certification.

I work with Amy Stanitzke, Freeland Painting’s Relationship Liaison, to help build relationships with various Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and the other corporate organizations and general contractors we serve.

What’s your favorite part about working at Freeland Painting?

I’ve had the opportunity to build on my strengths and learn a lot. This job is the best job I’ve ever had, and I hope to stay here for many years. I once thought I might go into Environmental Law and work for the EPA—until I found Freeland Painting. The atmosphere and great relationships with the people I work with are perfect for me.

Do you have any unique hobbies or talents?

Yes! I’m good at tree identification, and I like talking about trees. I worked for AmeriCorps in New York, first in their urban agriculture program, where we taught young kids and at-risk youth how to grow and sell fruits and vegetables. Later, I was part of their tree planting and watering crew—I personally planted 2,012 trees. I learned structural tree pruning from the city arborist. And now I’m working toward earning my arborist license.

Do you have any pets?

We have a “Pomchi” (Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix) named Darth Vader and an albino leopard gecko named Ghost. We also have two fish tanks.

What do you do in your free time?

I read, play World of Warcraft, and poker. I play Texas Hold’em as part of the Atlanta Poker Club on Sundays and Wednesdays. I’m usually in the top 10 out of around 80 players. I grew up playing poker at home — starting around age 12.

What’s your favorite vacation memory?

My husband and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando for our honeymoon. Now we go back every other year and bring friends with us. It’s so much fun!

What’s your favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I love the epic fight scenes.

Why should people in the Atlanta area choose to work with Freeland Painting?

I’ve had interactions with other companies as a customer where I felt like I was just another number. It’s the exact opposite at Freeland Painting. We want to get to know our customers, we care about you, and we’ll treat you like we treat each other.

Our motto — Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder — isn’t just a motto. It IS Freeland Painting. It’s our “Why.” It’s what we do. People matter to us.

Give us a call today to schedule your free, in-person estimate at 678.679.3126 — and we’ll show you what I mean!

7 Ways to Prevent Home Maintenance Emergencies (So You Can Relax and Enjoy Life)

Your home is your castle! Its four walls and roof protect you from rain, wind, hail, and extreme temperatures 365 days a year. But your house can’t do it alone: It needs proper maintenance to keep you safe and warm this winter and all year through.

Without regular maintenance, your home’s structural elements and foundation can suffer damage that is expensive to repair. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Preventive home maintenance empowers you to enjoy your relaxing lifestyle more without the headache of wondering when you’ll face your next emergency.

So, what are the top maintenance priorities for homeowners? At Freeland Painting, we’ve helped residents of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and all of North Georgia maintain their homes for more than two decades.

Here’s what we recommend to keep your castle in royal condition:

  1. Paint It. Protect your home inside and out with a quality paint job. Paint not only beautifies, but it also protects siding and trim from the elements. It helps prevent water from penetrating the wood, fascia, and other structural elements and causing rot.
  2. Pressure-Wash Siding. Annual pressure washing prevents harmful mold and mildew from invading siding, trim, and fascia, where they can cause rot and structural damage. If your siding is failing, you may want to consider the benefits of fiber cement siding.
  3. Repair or Replace the Roof. Make sure your home’s roof is in excellent condition with regular cleaning—but when its lifespan is over, replace it promptly.
  4. Roof Cleaning. We gently wash your roof shingles using a low-pressure wash setting and mild detergent—an essential step in home maintenance. Why? Because fungus, moss, lichens, mildew, mold, and insects can invade your roof, causing extensive damage. Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae common to Georgia, eats the limestone filler in roof shingles, preventing shingles from drying and drastically shortening your roof’s lifespan! Left untreated, mold can get into your home and cause health concerns.
  5. Gutters and Gutter Guards. Gutters guide rainwater safely away from your home’s foundation, protecting its structural integrity. When gutters clog, water can back up and seep into your home, causing rot, mold, and mildew—leading to health problems. Functioning gutters with guards to keep out debris are a homeowner’s best friend.
  6. Gutter Cleaning. Clogged gutters are a nuisance to your home and health! Clogged downspouts promote dangerous mold and mildew growth, which is costly to repair. If you notice leaking, overflowing, or saggy gutters, you’ve got a clog. And, it may be time for new gutters. Don’t risk climbing a ladder every few months when professionals can do the job safely and effectively.  
  7. Deck and Fence Staining. A fresh coat of stain protects your deck and fence against moisture, extending their useful life while beautifying your property.

Do you have questions about your home’s maintenance needs? Freeland Painting is happy to answer them.

We work hard to help homeowners like you maintain their homes and beautify the communities of North Georgia.

Call Freeland Painting for your free, in-person estimate on home maintenance and painting at 678.679.3126 today!

The Ghostly Legend of “Haint Blue” Paint

Whether you’re new to the greater Atlanta metro area or your family has lived here for generations, you may have heard the term “Haint Blue” and wondered what it meant. So, what exactly is Haint Blue? At Freeland Painting, we’re always interested in fun facts about paint and paint color, and we love the story of Haint Blue.

What is Haint Blue?

Haint Blue is a term used for a range of pale, blue-green colors that remind us of the color of water or the sky. These light blue and green colors are often used to paint the porch ceilings of homes in the southern United States. The reason people paint their porch ceilings this delightful color is a charming tale of tradition from the Deep South. This tradition is particularly timely because Halloween is this weekend—and it’s a ghost story involving paint color!

Is Haint Blue Related to Ghosts?

Yes, and here’s why: The word “haint” is a colloquial way to pronounce “haunt,” another word for ghosts or evil spirits. The word comes from the Gullah, a community of people descended from central and West African enslaved people who settled on the coast of Georgia and South Carolina.

The Gullah people believed that ghosts and spirits—which they called haints—walked the Earth. Such haints could come into your home through a door or window and disturb its residents. The goal was to deter haints from entering their homes and causing trouble.

Why Does Haint Blue Repel Ghosts?

The Gullah believed that haints were afraid of water, so they painted their doors, window frames, shutters, and porch ceilings a watery shade of blue that would (hopefully!) repel any haints that approached their home with the intent of haunting it.

They also painted their porch ceilings a sky-blue color. By doing so, the Gullah hoped that haints would confuse the ceiling color with the sky and bypass their home entirely as they floated up into the ethereal blue color.

Haint Blue paint was a form of protection for the Gullah, and is such a charming tradition that Southern communities embraced it wholeheartedly. That’s why many porch ceilings throughout the south are painted a beautiful light blue-green, which has become known as “haint blue.”

Isn’t that the best ghost story ever?

3 Haint Blue Hues We Love

If you’d like to enjoy the tradition of painting your porch ceiling Haint Blue, Freeland Painting can help.

Three of the most inviting shades of Haint Blue that we use to ward off evil spirits on people’s porches are from Sherwin Williams:

Pool Blue:

The perfect watery blue.


A light blue with hints of gray.


A soft green-blue.

Added Benefit: Haint Blue May Repel Wasps

While we can’t find specific research to confirm it, many people believe that painting outdoor ceilings light blue helps to deter wasps from building their nests there. This belief may have started when paint was made from lime or lye, ingredients that repel insects. However, the paints we use today don’t contain lime or lye. If you have a porch ceiling painted Haint Blue and have noticed fewer insects as a result, please let us know!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When you’re ready to paint your home or business, Freeland Painting is here to help! Call us today for a free, in-person estimate: 678.679.3126

While we don’t claim to be Ghostbusters, we certainly qualify as Peeling-Paintbusters!

Whether you choose Haint Blue or any other color that brings you joy, we’ll beautify your home while keeping you safe from the horrors of peeling and chipped paint.

11 Fun Facts About Paint

At Freeland Painting, we know a thing or two about paint. And we enjoy sharing what we know with our customers.

We’ve shared our knowledge about how to properly prepare a surface for painting, choosing the right paint brush for your project, painting walls like a pro, how to clean your paint brush, and even the best paint color for selling your home.

In addition, we’ve offered expertise on how to know when it’s time to repaint, the differences between oil and latex paints, and what you should know about volatile organic compounds present in paint.

As our customers know, the professionals at Freeland Painting like to brush up on the details. And we also like to have fun while we’re doing our jobs.

With that in mind, here are 11 fun facts about paint that you may not know, but may want to share:

  1. Cave paintings date back 100,000 years in South Africa and were done by Homo Neanderthalis. They made paint using pigment from red iron oxide and charcoal, then combined it with animal fat, water, saliva, or even urine to bind it together.
  2. Fast forward to Colonial America in the 1600s. Colonists who painted their houses in that era were considered to be vain and immodest for such a display of wealth!
  3. Paint didn’t come in a can until Sherwin Williams introduced the first “ready-to-use” paints in 1866. Before that, paint was mixed together as needed from a variety of materials, including olive oil, milk, lime, eggs, linseed oil, and earth pigments.
  4. Sherwin Williams developed the first tin paint can that could be resealed so leftover paint could be stored.
  5. Speaking of storage: Where you store cans of paint matters—because paint can freeze! To keep paint viable over the winter, store it in a temperature-controlled area rather than a storage shed. Latex paint, which is water-based, is the most susceptible to freezing. When paint freezes, it alters the consistency and typically makes the paint unusable.
  6. So what’s the perfect temperature for painting? 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At that ideal temperature, paint spreads most easily and will absorb faster than in colder or warmer temps.
  7. Ever wonder why the White House is white? Initially, it was coated with a lime-based whitewash to weather-proof it. (Limewash is still a popular exterior treatment for brick homes, and it’s one that Freeland Painting offers!) Now when paint crews repaint the White House, they need a whopping 570 gallons to coat the entire exterior and protect it from the elements.
  8. Another U.S. landmark, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, is painted a color called International Orange. There’s an urban myth that the bridge is constantly being repainted, and as soon as the crew completes the job, it’s time to start again. In reality, thanks to advances in corrosion-resistant paint, the bridge has been completely repainted only three times since 1937. However, often-used areas are touched up on a regular basis.
  9. Do you have a red front door? The significance of a red door varies with era and culture. In an early American tradition, a red door meant “Welcome” for weary travelers. In Scotland, when people pay off their home’s mortgage, they often paint their front door red to celebrate! In China, a red front door is considered good luck.
  10. Not all paint is created equal. When it comes to paint quality, you get what you pay for. Low-quality paint often peels or chips readily and doesn’t maintain a durable sheen. When you work with Freeland Painting, we will recommend high-quality paint chosen specifically for your paint surface that will beautify your home and withstand the elements.
  11. Are you thinking of painting a room a bright, sunny yellow? Be careful when you choose your paint color. Yellow paint typically dries a shade darker than it appears, so it’s wise to go with a lighter shade for your walls, ceiling, or door in that vibrant color.

Here’s a bonus fact: Though our name is Freeland Painting, we do much more than paint! Yes, we will beautify your home or business with an extraordinary paint job, but did you know we also install durable fiber cement siding, windows, gutters, gutter guards, and will even put a new roof on your home?

Freeland Painting is the greater Atlanta metropolitan area’s go-to choice for beautifying your home, business, or multi-family residence.

When you’re ready to beautify your home or business with paint or one of our other services, call Freeland Painting at 678.679.3126 for a free, in-person estimate!

Why Freeland Painting?

At Freeland Painting, we’re big fans of the question: Why?

As in—Why should the businesses and residents of metro Atlanta choose Freeland Painting for all of their painting, roofing, gutter, and siding projects?

Founder Doug Ireland is a big believer in Simon Sinek’s methodology of Start With Why. To that end, Freeland Painting created its unique “Why.”

Why Freeland?

At every team meeting, we ask our team, “Why Freeland?”

Doug explains why that question is critical to everything we do:

“It’s important to ask ‘Why Freeland,’ because every company can tell you what they do and how they do it. For us, the answer would be, ‘We’re a great painting company with the highest quality products and most professional painters’.”

But guess what: Every painting company says that.

“To differentiate Freeland Painting and create purpose in our work, we focus on our unique Why: Which is that we are committed to removing a burden from customers that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming. We achieve that by providing the highest quality painting service for our customers’ homes and businesses.”

Creating Purpose in Our Work

Our team focuses on the inspiring purpose of improving people’s lives, beautifying our community, and removing a burden from our customers to make their lives easier and better.

So, at Freeland Painting, we’re not just painting or putting on a new roof or siding, or installing custom gutters to help your home function better. We’re improving people’s lives.

  1. Purpose is why we answer the phone with a smile.
  2. Purpose is why we come to your home or business to meet you and provide a free, in-person estimate for our services.
  3. Purpose is why customers come back to us again and again, year after year.
  4. Purpose is why our customers recommend Freeland Painting to friends and neighbors.

It’s because we are committed to removing a burden from our customers that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming in their lives. That’s our purpose; that’s our Why.

Let Us Show You Why

Are you ready to repaint your home, business, or multifamily property? Do you need a new roof, gutters, or HardiePlank siding on your property?

Let Freeland Painting show you why we’re the No. 1 choice in greater metro Atlanta. Call us today at 678.679.3126 to schedule your free estimate.

We can’t wait to show you our Why!