Why Freeland Painting?

At Freeland Painting, we’re big fans of the question: Why?

As in—Why should the businesses and residents of metro Atlanta choose Freeland Painting for all of their painting, roofing, gutter, and siding projects?

Founder Doug Ireland is a big believer in Simon Sinek’s methodology of Start With Why. To that end, Freeland Painting created its unique “Why.”

Why Freeland?

At every team meeting, we ask our team, “Why Freeland?”

Doug explains why that question is critical to everything we do:

“It’s important to ask ‘Why Freeland,’ because every company can tell you what they do and how they do it. For us, the answer would be, ‘We’re a great painting company with the highest quality products and most professional painters’.”

But guess what: Every painting company says that.

“To differentiate Freeland Painting and create purpose in our work, we focus on our unique Why: Which is that we are committed to removing a burden from customers that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming. We achieve that by providing the highest quality painting service for our customers’ homes and businesses.”

Creating Purpose in Our Work

Our team focuses on the inspiring purpose of improving people’s lives, beautifying our community, and removing a burden from our customers to make their lives easier and better.

So, at Freeland Painting, we’re not just painting or putting on a new roof or siding, or installing custom gutters to help your home function better. We’re improving people’s lives.

  1. Purpose is why we answer the phone with a smile.
  2. Purpose is why we come to your home or business to meet you and provide a free, in-person estimate for our services.
  3. Purpose is why customers come back to us again and again, year after year.
  4. Purpose is why our customers recommend Freeland Painting to friends and neighbors.

It’s because we are committed to removing a burden from our customers that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming in their lives. That’s our purpose; that’s our Why.

Let Us Show You Why

Are you ready to repaint your home, business, or multifamily property? Do you need a new roof, gutters, or HardiePlank siding on your property?

Let Freeland Painting show you why we’re the No. 1 choice in greater metro Atlanta. Call us today at 678.679.3126 to schedule your free estimate.

We can’t wait to show you our Why!

Meet Jeremy Figuera: Freeland Painting’s Project Manager

At Freeland Painting, we often say that “We brush up on the details every day!”

One of the great people in our office who is responsible for brushing up on a lot of details that keep multiple jobs moving forward in a streamlined, organized manner is Jeremy Figuera, Freeland Painting’s Project Manager and Estimator.

That means when you call Freeland Painting to have your home, business, or multifamily housing painted, Jeremy is one of the key people who will manage your project to your utmost customer satisfaction.

We’re a close-knit group. When a team member celebrates a birthday or work anniversary, we acknowledge and celebrate it—like we did recently when Amy Stanitzke, Freeland Painting’s Relationship Liaison. In honor of Jeremy’s upcoming birthday, we asked him a few questions so customers can get to know the person behind the productivity. Here’s what Jeremy shared:

What’s your favorite paint color?

Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams. I just painted my house that color. It’s a great neutral, light gray that everyone likes. Another Sherwin Williams color, Pussywillow, is a close second.

How did you come to work for Freeland Painting?

I got a random phone call from a recruiter—even though I had a job and wasn’t looking for a different one. But she thought I’d be a good fit at Freeland Painting, which seemed odd because I didn’t have experience in the industry. After the interview process, I ended up having another job offer with another company at the same time. What it came down to was that I liked the culture of Freeland Painting the best, so that’s how I came to work here.

What do you enjoy about working at Freeland Painting?

What I like about the company is that it’s not your typical 9-to-5 job. Every day is different, and I continue to learn new things even after nearly four years. Doug Ireland, the founder, has created a team of people who are able to hold themselves accountable for meeting and exceeding their responsibilities. Nobody holds your hand or walks you through what needs to be done. We all know what we’re doing and what we need to do next—and so we get it done. As a result of our accountability and responsibility, we enjoy a lot of job flexibility.

Have you ever made a mistake on a job?

Oh yes. When I first joined the company, I trained for a couple of months then jumped in with both feet. On my first commercial job, I ordered $3,000 worth of paint in the wrong color! And once paint is tinted, you can’t return it. The great thing about the team at Freeland Painting is that everybody understood the situation and nobody got on me too much about it. I learned my lesson, and moved forward. In fact, we were able to donate that paint to a community charity and it didn’t go to waste. And I definitely haven’t made that same mistake again!

What does your role at Freeland Painting entail?

I’m a project manager and estimator, so I’m both managing jobs in various stages and providing customers with estimates for upcoming projects. Some days I meet with Homeowner’s Association Boards, property managers, or general contractors to review the details of their job by looking over blueprints and calculating estimates. I also manage workflow and make sure everything is in place to keep our projects moving forward. Sometimes I even grab a paintbrush to do touch-ups if that’s what’s needed to keep a project rolling. Every day is different—which keeps it exciting.

How do you estimate paint for big projects?

For large commercial jobs, we take the measurements of all surfaces we’ll be painting from the blueprints, put them into a program, and estimate numbers for it. I look over the blueprints and determine which specific paint colors will go on various areas of the building. Then I order paint based on those measurements and specs.

Every gallon of paint has a certain square footage it covers—and different types of paint cover different square footages. I’m also responsible for budgeting our jobs after we’ve provided clients with an estimate. Doug has done a great job in providing templates for every scenario, so we enter the measurements for walls and trim. The program tells us how many square feet that is, then auto-calculates the amount of paint needed. Then we carefully review all of the numbers before we proceed.

How long have you worked for Freeland Painting?

Almost four years.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’ve got a young family, so my favorite thing to do is hang out with my wife, daughter and soon-to-be-born son. We love taking our toddler-age daughter on vacation and enjoying new experiences, such as to Disneyworld or the beach. This weekend we’re taking her to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween.

I used to be really into skateboarding, and now my daughter’s into riding her scooter. We like to go out in the cul-de-sac in front of our house, and I ride my skateboard while she rides her scooter.

Why should people in the Atlanta area choose to work with Freeland Painting?

Because we never drop the ball. Also, because we care about providing our customers with a high-quality result and building strong relationships with both clients and our community.

Did we mention that Freeland Painting provides free estimates for painting your business, commercial property, or home? We do! Call us today at 678.679.3126 to discuss how we can beautify your property with a fresh coat of paint.

Let’s get rolling!

How Customer Service And Competitive Pricing Set Us Apart

At Freeland Painting, we believe customer service and competitive pricing set us apart. That’s why our motto is, Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.”

Doug Ireland, the owner of Freeland Painting, is passionate about his company and his customers—and it shows: “One of the things I love the most about this work is taking something that looks old and dingy and making it look brand-new again. Every day, we get to help people with that: Beautifying their homes or businesses.

Customer Service

“At Freeland Painting, customer service ranks above everything else. To me, being committed to customer service has to do with excellent follow-through. I won’t accept payment for a job until we’ve 100% completed the work at the end of the job — and until our customer is happy. If they’re not for some small reason, we will keep coming back — until we get it right. By doing so, I believe that we serve our customers better than anyone or any other company.”

No Job is Too Big–or Too Small

“At Freeland Painting, no job is too big or too small. We have the ability to scale up or scale down depending on the needs of the client. Whether it be a two-person crew for a small home with one or two bedrooms and a bath or 25 painters for a commercial property.”

Getting Started

“We start each job by providing a price quote. Everyone’s looking for a price. While the main goal of the quoting process is to establish a price, for us at Freeland Painting, we have an additional goal: to meet our new customer. One of the policies I have is that we don’t do what I call a ‘drive-by estimate.’ We want to come over, meet with you, understand what’s important to you, help educate you on the process, and in that way create a better experience for our customer.”

Competitive Pricing

“At Freeland Painting, we promise competitive pricing. When you’re planning for a painting project, you should always get three quotes. We tell our clients that, too. And our pricing many, many times, tends to be right in the middle of those three quotes. However, we offer a few extra services that most other companies don’t include, which gives us the value that people are looking for.”

A Job Well Done

“Freeland Painting’s crews work around the schedule of the client and focus on time management. Once we start working on your home, it’s like a whirlwind. Things happen quickly. We try to make the process as efficient as possible for a job well done — and hopefully win a customer for life. That’s why at Freeland Painting, we say, Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.”

Customers For Life

“We want our work and our relationship with the customer to be a memorable experience for people, so that when we finish the job they say, ‘Wow! No one else has treated us that way!’”

“That’s important to me, personally and for us as a team. If we can achieve that, we’ve really hit a homerun.”

Call us today on 678.679.3126 for a free quote on your upcoming business, residential or multifamily residence painting project. We look forward to meeting you and having you as a new — and eventually a lifelong! — customer.

Meet Amy Stanitzke: Freeland Painting’s Relationship Liaison

Ever since Freeland Painting was founded in 2009, it’s been a top priority to build our community relationships and presence in the Atlanta metro area and beyond. In fact, the experienced professionals at Freeland Painting believe that “Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.

That’s why we brought on Amy Stanitzke to Freeland Painting’s core team of professionals as our Relationship Liaison. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy, you know she’s the exact right person for that role: A people-person with a positive attitude, Amy is enthusiastic about helping businessowners, homeowners, and other community members and groups connect with the right services to make their businesses stand out.

Freeland Painting provides residential, multi-family and commercial painting, (both interior and exterior), custom roofing, cementitious siding, and gutter systems that improve curb appeal and structural efficiency.

Our staff members play an integral role in ensuring that each customer enjoys a standout experience when they choose Freeland Painting. That’s why we want to introduce you to them.

We’ll start with Amy Stanitzke, because she’s celebrating her 2-year anniversary with Freeland Painting this week. We asked her a few questions so customers can get to know her better. Here’s what she shared:

What’s your favorite paint color?

Agreeable Gray! It was the most popular Sherwin Williams paint color in 2019. My husband and I ended up painting the outside of our house with it. What a great paint color name!

What made you decide to join the Freeland Painting team?

There’s a story about that. I met Doug Ireland, the owner and founder of Freeland Painting, through meetings of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce where Doug and I were both members. At the time, I was working in the senior living sector. Doug has a great personality, and he always cracked me up when we talked. At the time, my husband and I were customers — Freeland Painting painted both the interior and exterior of our houses. My husband and I became friends with Doug and his wife (the cofounder of Freeland Painting), Keri.

One weekend, Doug and Keri took us out on their boat on Lake Lanier. We had such a fun afternoon — and it made me think how wonderful it would be if we worked together. So I mentioned, “If you’re ever looking for a business development person for Freeland Painting, let me know.” That’s how it started. My position began as part-time, and has since grown into full-time work.

What does your role at Freeland Painting entail?

My job title is Relationship Liaison. I’m responsible for developing new client and customer relationships for Freeland Painting, maintaining our existing relationships, being a resource and a connector for people both in and outside of the industry.

I focus mainly on the Atlanta metro area, but also on a wider scope beyond Atlanta. Depending on the size of the job, Freeland Painting has taken crews out of state to complete important jobs for our valued customers. My role is to connect with property managers, property management companies, general contractors, and project managers in a wide variety of settings.

In which industry associations does Freeland Painting participate?

Freeland Painting actively participates in four associations to better communicate with and expand our client base:

  • Community Associations Institute (CAI Georgia), in the homeowners’ associations segment.
  • Atlanta Apartment Association, for the multi-family division of our business.
  • Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW Atlanta), which is for both men and women in Atlanta’s real estate segment.
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA Georgia), which includes property managers, building owners, and other industry vendors that Freeland Painting can partner with. BOMA  also provides resources that benefit all of our customers.

What’s your favorite part about working at Freeland Painting? 

We’re all so busy that we’re not often in the same office together — especially in the past 18 months. But when the whole team gathers in the same room, we all get along incredibly well and have strong relationships with each other.

This stems from Doug. He is a knowledgeable leader, and his focus is on putting great people and processes in place so Freeland Painting can make its customers happy and continue to grow. Doug standardized all of our work by establishing the “Freeland Fundamentals,” a 56-point checklist that covers every aspect of each project we undertake. Our goal is to make sure that every client enjoys a superior experience in working with us. We go the extra mile to ensure that our work gets completed within budget, within deadlines, and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

As a result of the Freeland Fundamentals, I always know what my next step is on every job. It takes the guess work out of serving our clients at a high-level of customer service.

How is Freeland Painting unique?

We distinguish ourselves from other painting companies because we’re all about relationships. Every company is made up of people, and we all experience human error on occasion. But if we have a paint drip on a driveway or elsewhere — what makes us different is how we solve the problem. Freeland Painting goes to lengths to make customers happy.

It’s also interesting to note that we’re a paperless office. We’re not wasting paper by circulating printouts by hand. Our processes and systems are digitized. We’re a very high-tech painting company. There’s no messy whiteboard with a list of projects. It’s all computerized. That makes us more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Do you have any unique hobbies or talents?

My husband, Steve, and I live on a lake. We love boating, being outdoors and playing tennis. And I also enjoy reading.

Have you ever had a DIY paint job “fail”?

Through painting the two walls in my kitchen, I gained a lot of respect for what the professional painters at Freeland Painting do. I got paint splatter on my maple cabinets even though I tried so hard to be careful. It wasn’t a great outcome. I learned that you’ve got to use painter’s tape like a pro and do things the right way.

Do you have any pets?

Yes: two dogs. Phoophie is an 8-year-old Maltese. Mojo is a 15-year-old Pekingese mix. We also have four grown children and we’re very proud of them.

What’s your favorite vacation memory?

Going to the Jersey Shore to visit family. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, and spent my summers going to Sea Isle City, New Jersey. When our kids were younger, they could rent bikes, and come and go as they pleased. What a relaxing vacation destination.

What’s your favorite song?

That’s a tough one. My husband’s an engineer by day, and a musician and pianist at heart. We listen to music all the time. I have a lot of favorites, but it’s too difficult to name just one.

Why should people in the Atlanta metro area choose Freeland Painting?

Because we care. And because our relationships with people matter to us. It’s so basic — but it’s so true.

And while we enjoy a solid reputation now, we realize that our reputation is only as good as the last job we finished. Constantly remaining vigilant in maintaining our positive reputation is important to building success, as it can disappear in an instant. We never forget that!

Call Freeland Painting at 678.679.3126 to schedule a free estimate for your single family or multi-family residence or business. We look forward to building a solid relationship with you that we are confident will last for years to come!

6 Reasons You Need Gutter Guards

While we love sunny summer days, the leaves of autumn will soon be upon us! There’s a good reason why we call the season “Fall” here in the United States (most other countries call it “autumn”)—all of those beautiful leaves on shade-providing trees in your yard are going to fall in the next few months. That can be a problem if your existing gutters aren’t up to the challenge.

At Freeland Painting, we know that clogged gutters are a homeowner’s nightmare. Here are 6 reasons why you don’t want clogged gutters on your home:

  1. Rainwater needs guidance. When your gutters get clogged (with Fall leaves, for example), they can’t perform their intended function: To guide rainwater away from your home’s foundation and therefore protect your home’s structural integrity.
  2. Foundation problems. When gutters are full of leaves, sticks, and acorns, they can’t guide rainwater safely to the downspout and away from your home’s foundation—where you want it to go. Over time, pooling water around your home’s foundation causes erosion and settling. The resulting cracks in your home’s foundation can cause structural problems.
  3. Gutter waterfalls damage landscape shrubs. When gutters are clogged, rainwater has nowhere to go. It often cascades over the edge of the gutter and falls to the ground forcefully, causing the soil or mulch around your home to erode. This harms your landscape plants or shrubs planted where the “gutter waterfall” lands because soil erosion exposes their roots.
  4. Interior damage to ceilings and sheetrock. It’s not just the outside of your home that can suffer damage due to clogged gutters. Standing water in your gutters can decay the wooden fascia boards on your home, and then water can seep inside and ruin your walls and ceiling. If your home doesn’t already have fiber cement siding and fascia, Freeland Painting can help with that, too!
  5. Mosquito breeding ground. Standing water in your gutters after a rainfall is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests. In addition to being annoying, mosquitos carry diseases that could easily spread to you and your family. Eliminating standing water—in gutters and everywhere else on your property—is the key to eliminating mosquito breeding grounds.
  6. Clogged gutters need unclogging. This will involve someone—most likely you, your spouse, or your partner—climbing up on a ladder and trying to balance safely (yikes!) while fishing out the decaying leaves, acorns, and other debris from the gutters by hand. It’s a dirty and dangerous job, but somebody’s got to do it. Unless, that is, you prevent the problem of clogged gutters from happening in the first place.

Guard Your Gutters

As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For our purposes, he means that by installing gutter guard protection, you will prevent the problem of clogged gutters from ever occurring, so you essentially solve the problem before it even happens.

So what’s the solution? Freeland Painting offers high-quality, seamless custom gutter guards that are guaranteed to prevent leaves and other debris from getting stuck in your gutters and clogging them up.

That’s right: Gutter guards give your gutters their own specialized cover that lets rainwater run over them into your gutters using water’s property of surface tension while keeping leaves and other debris out.

Let Surface Tension Work For You

What is surface tension? It’s the property of water that makes water droplets “stick together” and adhere to the surface that water is already on.

Here’s how surface tension makes gutter guards so effective: As water runs down your roof and over the gutter guards, water clings to the gutter guard’s curved surface—even defying gravity for a split second as it adheres to the gutter guard’s curve before falling into the gutter beneath the guard.

Once in the gutter, rainwater is guided safely out through downspouts and away from your home’s foundation. However, leaves and other debris on your roof don’t have surface tension, so they can’t get past the gutter guard. It’s a simple, effective solution that can save you hours of hassle this Fall and every Fall for years to come.

We Install Gutter Guards Over Existing or New Gutters

If you don’t need new gutters but want custom, seamless gutter guard protection, Freeland Painting can install gutter guards over your existing gutters.

If you’ve been thinking about installing new gutters, Freeland Painting highly recommends both our seamless custom gutters and Gutter Guard protection system. It’s guaranteed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters, so they function correctly and protect your home, inside and out.

Call Freeland Painting for a Free Estimate

We even offer free estimates—call us today to schedule at 678.679.3126. When you get Gutter Guard covers professionally installed by Freeland Painting, you’ll be the happiest homeowner on your block because you can spend more time doing the things you love rather than cleaning out your clogged gutters!